Office for rent in Iztok

Price per sq.m € 7

€ 600

  • Reference number 6677
  • District Iztok
  • Area 90 sq.m
  • Furniture Furnished
  • Floor 4
  • Heating Central heating
  • Type of construction Brick
  • Finished 1975 year

Имоти за продажба и под наем - Цени

Ако Office for rent in Iztok - Изток , която разглеждате не е най-доброто решение за Вас, може да разгледате всички обяви на Real Estate Agent - Lilia Paneva тук All offers of this agent ! Ще се радваме да бъдете наши клиенти!

Real Estate Agent - Lilia Paneva
Position - Real Estate Agent
Telephone - +359 2 821 21 21
Mobile - +359884892361
E-mail -
All offers of this agent

We are presenting you a sunny office for rent in one of the most the most preferred neighborhoods of Sofia - Iztok.
The office is located on the fourth floor and consist of:
- three working rooms
- large entrance hall
- furnished kitchenette
- bathroom with toilet
The office faces south, east, north. Central heating
There is a parking area nearby, where you can always find places
For further information, please contact of us. 

How Do We Recognize a Good Real Estate Agent?

Consultant professions are often underappreciated or hated. There are usually good reasons for this, the most important being that a large percentage of all specialists in a given field are not up to scratch. Still, we should not underestimate the benefits from the existence of intermediary services. They can be substantial for the client and are easy to notice, as long as the client can find the right consultant and put his/her trust in them.

So, in our case the question is: how do we know that we are using the services of a good real estate agent?

A good agent is acquainted in detail with the specifics and movements of the real estate market. Even though the agent is not a legitimate assessor, their professional experience helps them give you a realistic idea of the value of the estate that you wish to sell, buy or rent. Contrary to popular opinion, consultants do not benefit from overpricing their assessments. As we know, demand and sales are determined by the market. A price that is drastically higher than market levels can delay the sale considerably and even make it impossible. An experienced real estate agent knows this and will not try to give you illusions of an enormous profit, if one is not possible.

In the negotiating process the consultant will be thinking several steps ahead and will keep you up to date on what is happening – especially if the deal is facing potential hinders or the estate is found to have unexpected charges. Although the agent is on your side and represents you, he/she will not hesitate to let you know when you are not right and suggest an alternative approach.

If you are looking for a place to rent, a good agent will not be quick to “push” you to close a deal, if you feel hesitant. They will keep looking for suitable offers, until they find one that satisfies your requirements. Their goal is to make the client happy and they are well aware that if they make a bad impression, they will receive a negative review and will never be recommended in your social circle. A good agent looks after their reputation and always does their best to satisfy their clients’ expectations or even surpass them.

Apart from following the market developments, advising you on prices and serving as the go-between in negotiations, the agent has one more extremely important task: to inform you of your obligations and rights. Their work goes beyond connecting a client with a seller or a landlord. They must be familiar with the administrative process of buying and renting a home in order to be able to help you prepare the required documents and take the necessary administrative steps - regardless of which side of the deal you are on.

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