Six reasons why you should rent a house in Sofia

Six reasons why you should rent a house in Sofia

Posted on 17.09.2018

Have you ever imagined yourself living in a house? Although most of the people in our capital live in apartments and have always lived like this, you can gain new experience if you rent a house in Sofia.

People who are looking for their new home in the city are very different. They have different lifestyle, habits and overall characteristics. Thus, their preferences and motivation for finding a place to live are variable. However, when they want to rent a house in Sofia, there are some factors which almost all of them find important. This is why these are often addressed to the real estate agent as a requirement which needs to be satisfied.

Let us have a look on six of those factors which can make so many different people want one and the same thing – to rent a house in Sofia.

Irritated by having neighbors right next to you? Rent a house in Sofia!

Six reasons to rent a house in Sofia - 1The desire for autonomy and independence often becomes motivation to rent a house in Sofia. The busy everyday schedule can tire you out very quickly. Being an active person who is living in the city, you inevitably meet too many people when you work and move from one place to the other. This is why in the end of the day a home is the place where you can have some rest and not be disturbed by anyone.

When you rent a house in Sofia, silence is considered as a main requirement. People tend to become annoyed when they can hear their neighbors talking through the walls of an apartment. In addition, when you are tired it is not the best thing to be disturbed by the small talks of the ones walking or driving on the streets. Unfortunately, this scenario often happens especially in the summer time when you live in a more communicative location and you leave the windows open to keep the air inside the room fresh. It becomes more and more difficult to find silence and autonomy within the city where there are vehicles outside which are constantly moving back and forth and people who speak loudly – you can hardly have some personal space. However, you can enjoy all of these things if you rent a house in Sofia!

You need more space? Rent a house in Sofia!

Six reasons to rent a house in Sofia - 2We do not think that you can ever have enough space! Let us start with the personal space. In case you rent a house in Sofia, in order to have personal space, you will insist on having your own room. Having an own room, you will start to furnish it with things that you like. And no matter how small in size may all of these things be, they took some part of the room. However, the best thing when you rent a house in Sofia is that you have more than one room!

This is the thing which attracts many multi-member families. If the family has children if not now, at least in the near future they will need separate rooms from their parents and after that – from each other. It works the same way if the family which has rent the house in Sofia has representatives from different generations – not only children and parents, but grandparents, cousins, etc. In this way when the contract for rent the house in Sofia is signed everybody can arrange their belonging in the wanted and convenient way of their own.

Dreaming of life far away from the urban noise? Rent a house in Sofia!

Six reasons to rent a house in Sofia - 3Even if you do not like the noise and big crowds around the living buildings in the central neighborhoods, you can still enjoy the charm of the city! Sofia is big enough to offer locations by the taste of everyone. If you want to rent a house in Sofia, it would be situated in the periphery of the city but still closely to the center. Some may find the location unattractive and not very communicative. Indeed, yes – these neighborhoods are not so close to the underground stations and only a small number of buses reach them. However, in the end of a busy day, there is nothing else like going home and being surrounded by nothing but quiet and calmness.

When you rent a house in Sofia, probably it will have a garden. Whether a big or small one, this green area is a big plus for you. In the summer time this is where you can chill in a lazy weekend or after work. You can sunbathe under the rays of sun and get some tan. In case you rent a house in Sofia and you already have children, there is no doubt that they will enjoy the garden the most! Of course, you can invite your friends over for a barbecue or a cocktail. In the winter days you will have your own fresh snow. In addition, when you rent a house in Sofia, it will be surrounded by trees and greens and thus, the air will be cleaner. What else can you wish for?

Money is not an issue? Rent a house in Sofia!

Six reasons to rent a house in Sofia - 4Money is actually an issue for most of the people outside who are trying to find the perfect home for themselves. This is why they often stick to a strict budget. Unfortunately, the bigger the real estate is, the higher the rent for a house in Sofia or an apartment in the city is. However, if you have enough money, your need to rent a house in Sofia can be met much easier! In this case, all you have to do is find a place which you like, accommodated according to your taste. Most of the times, people who want to rent a house in Sofia are looking for two things – space and atmosphere. In order to feel good, you must be able to breathe easily inside and find the right coziness for yourspirit.

Some people associate more expensive things that they tend to buy with higher quality. So when they rent a house in Sofia which is more expensive than an apartment for rent, for example, they will associate the experience with living a better quality life and this is great!

When you rent a house in Sofia, it can be modern and new or old and storing the history of the past. Whether it is the first or the second type, it does not matter – the house enriches you like an apartment cannot. On the one hand, your spirit can independently soar across the rooms. On the other hand, you will always be surrounded by history and cultural heritage which exists only within the house and can be felt only by few people.

You are searching for a view? Rent a house in Sofia!

Six reasons to rent a house in Sofia - 5

If you are a view lover, who is constantly searching for new experience both in the big city and in the nature, you really need to rent a house in Sofia. As you already know, the location of the houses in the capital is rather in the peripheral part of the city, which brings you closer to Vitosha mountain. This is why if you want to rent a house in Sofia, you are very likely to have a view to the mountain from all or at least a part of the windows. Thus, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset when having your morning coffee and while chilling on the sofa!


Live with a lifestyle! Rent a house in Sofia!

Six reasons to rent a house in Sofia - 6When you rent a house in Sofia in neighborhoods like Boyana, Simeonovo or Dragalevtsi, you will surely grab people’s attention. Usually, living in a house is associated with greater financial capacity, high self-esteem and, sometimes – arrogance. The reason behind this idea maybe has something to do with the difference in numbers. What numbers, you would say? Well, the number of people who rent a house in Sofia or own a house in the city is much smaller than the number of people who are living in an apartment. Like everything else which happens to be somehow “rare”, living for rent in a house in Sofia pricks up one’s ears and attracts.

Having said all of this, we can describe living for rent in a house in Sofia as a lifestyle. Even if you do not like this idea and maybe want to reconsider your decision, do not hurry! You’d better enjoy it and be happy if you have already found the perfect place for yourself! If you rent a house in Sofia, you will have the opportunity to experience all of the positive things mentioned above. You will have the space, the fresh air, the quiet atmosphere, the garden and so much more! Do not be afraid of living a slightly different life and feel good in your own shoes!

In conclusion, we can advise you to have enough time to have a look at different proposals on the real estate market before you make your final decision for your new home. You may be sure that you want to live in an apartment but when you enter in a house to make up your mind and decide that you want to rent a house in Sofia instead. Find the most comfortable place for you and your family, in case you are living together and make sure that the investment is worth it!

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